Basic Great Facilitation Techniques (GFT)

Mastering the 8 Powerful Great Facilitation Techniques to Empower Your People to Learn and Excel at the Workplace

Course Features

  • Duration 1 day
  • Assessments Self

Supervisory Management

Time: 9AM – 5PM


The “Basic GFT Course” is specially designed to equip you with the 8 powerful Great Facilitation Techniques (GFT) to empower your people to learn and excel at the workplace.  With GFT, you will be able to easily design interesting and interactive learning session to equip your people with the knowledge and skills that will enhance their productivity and work performance.

Many managers have used GFT to design interesting sessions to help their people to learn tedious Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) easily, developing excellent mindset and making learning real fun at the workplace. Above all, the duration of each GFT session is only from 30 min to an hour. You can now help your people to learn any time at the workplace without disrupting your daily operation.


Senior management staff, HR, L&D managers, department managers and supervisors


  • G – Gain the learners’ attention to learn through setting learning goals and cultivating the interest in learning and improving
  • F – Facilitate the learners to discover new knowledge and skills through interactive activities and meaningful reviews
  • T – Take away useful knowledge and skills to improve work performance and productivity


  • Introduction to GFT & benefits
  • Setting SMART+ Learning Goals
  • Getting learners interested in learning
  • Facilitating the learning through activities
  • Encouraging sharing of learning
  • Identifying and mastering the key learning concepts and skills
  • Summarising the learning session and motivating the learners for application
  • Designing a learning session using GFT designing template
  • Coaching your people to learn
  • Encouraging continuous learning and developing a learning culture through COP


Participants who completed the training will be awarded the ‘Certificate of Achievement’.

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