Emotional Intelligence

Closing the Gap between the Heart and the Mind

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  • Duration 2 day
  • Assessments Self

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Singapore


Studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence is the most important soft skill required in the corporate world, followed by communication and problem solving. Most of the EQ programmes out there focus on how to control emotions. However, emotions cannot be controlled! That explains why most of these programmes are ineffective. Our “Emotional Intelligence” workshop focuses on how to use emotions intelligently (positive or negative) to achieve the results we want. Emotional Intelligence is all about outcomes.


  • Better understanding and awareness of emotions
  • Know how emotions affect performance
  • Use emotions intelligently to drive performance to achieve desired results


Part I: What is Emotion?

Part II: Understanding Emotions

Part III: How emotion drives actions and affects results

Part IV: Defining Emotional Intelligence

Part V: The 5 Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence

  • Self-Management
    1. Self-Awareness – is recognizing a feeling as it happens. It is the keystone of emotional intelligence. The ability to monitor feelings from moment to moment is crucial to psychological insight and self-understanding
    2. Self-Regulation – checking our emotions and managing them
    3. Motivation – directing emotion towards a purpose
  • Social Management
    1. Empathy – understanding and seeing from another person’s perspective
    2. Effective Relationships – interacting and managing relationships

Part VI: Self-Concept: Ego, Self-esteem and Self beliefs

Part VII: Tools and Techniques to Transmute Emotions into Positive Driving Force

Part VIII: Putting All the Learning into A Powerful Skill to Achieve Success Personally and Professionally

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