Leadership Skills for New Managers

Lead Your Team to Success with Effective Leadership

Course Features

  • Duration 2 day
  • Assessments Self

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Sustained Leadership Development is essential for any organisation to stay relevant in the ever-changing scenario in which it operates. New managers have to keep abreast with demands of their role. They have to be aware of their strengths and development needs. This 2-Day “Leadership for Managers” Workshop will enable participants to more competently execute their management duties.


  • State the need for improving their skills-set to manage people
  • Articulate mindset for personal mastery and self-development
  • Describe how to model personal effectiveness as a team leader
  • Identify their own strengths and limitations of professional competence and management practices
  • Describe key roles and responsibilities for managing self and facilitating team’s contribution
  • Explain the importance of communication and developing cohesive teamwork
  • Describe how to motivate teams to achieve common goals and team targets
  • Describe how to manage conflicts amongst team members
  • Identify opportunities for innovation and implementation of changes to work practices for continuous improvement of processes and productivity
  • Develop personal action plan for enhancing Managerial Supervisory Skills


Part I: Managerial Leadership Development – The Next Lap

  • The need for developing Managerial skills-set
  • Personal stake in the organisation’s success
  • Reflecting on personal mindset for development
  • Personal Mastery – The power within to become more competent leaders

Part II: Modelling Leadership Effectiveness

  • Leadership traits of competent managers
  • Ingredients of Professional Competence and Management Practice
  • Identifying and validating personal strengths and limitations
  • Key roles and responsibilities for facilitating team’s contribution
  • Reviewing development-gaps that retards their managerial roles

Part III: Enhancing Managerial Communication

  • The twin-pillar of effective communication
  • Becoming  aware of leadership bias
  • Body Language – The ‘Silent’ Communicator
  • The 3-A Principles of Empathetic Listening
  • The 3-Pronged Framework for Feedback

Part IV: Motivating Synergistic Team Performance

  • The umbilical link between motivation and goals
  • Interdependent nature of cohesive teamwork
  • Influencing Team Cohesiveness and Synergy to draw out high performance

Part V: Art of Managing Conflicts

  • The pervasive nature of conflicts within teams
  • Recognising the impact of conflicts
  • Unleashing the power of conflicts

Part VI: Innovation and Change Management

  • Need for innovation at the workplace
  • Identifying opportunities for innovation to continuous improvement
  • Emotional impact of change
  • Managing change to improve productivity

Part VII: Transfer of Learning – Personal Action Plan

  • Developing Individual Action Plan for enhancing Managerial Supervisory Skills
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