Transforming Conflict to Collaboration


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  • Duration 2 day
  • Assessments Self

Communications and Interpersonal Skills


Interpersonal differences among people exist because each person is a unique individual. In our daily interactions, it may be inevitable that we meet with conflicts or disagreements. Improving conflict management skills will enrich both working life and personal relationships. The Managing Conflict @Work workshop is specially design to enhance individual and organisational performance by transforming conflicts to opportunities of cooperation and collaboration.


  • Identify the sources of conflict & determine the costs of conflict to the organisation.
  • Assess one’s behavioural style in handling conflicts with others & increase sensitivity to the needs and intentions of others.
  • Use the skills that are necessary for constructive management of conflict.
  • Apply the approaches to achieve win-win outcomes among people or teams.


Part I: Introduction – Nature & Role of Conflict

  • Definition of conflict & warning signs of conflict
  • Positive & negative aspects of conflicts
  • Main causes of conflict & cost of conflict

Part II: Conflict Management & Styles

  • Strategies for managing conflicts e.g. competition, compromise & collaboration
  • Benefits of conflict management for individuals & organisation

Part III: Skills for Conflict Management

  • Handling emotions using non-toxic language
  • Basic steps to diffusing negative emotions
  • Dealing with different sources of conflict

Part IV: Communication Styles & Behaviorial Orientations

  • Adapting to different communication styles
  • Managing Different Behaviorial Orientations
  • Tool-Kit for Dealing with Difficult People

Part V: Techniques for Conflict Resolution

  • The 5-Step Technique : acknowledging, active listening, establishing the facts, etc.
  • Interacting for Workplace Harmony

Part VI: Conclusion – Transfer of Learning

  • Developing a Personal Action Plan for applying Conflict Resolution Skills at the Workplace
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