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Personal Effectiveness


Have you ever wondered how it is that some people seem to have enough time to do everything that they want to, whereas others are always rushing from task to task, and never seem to finish anything? Is it just that the former have less to do? No, it’s much more likely that they are using their time more effectively and practicing good time management skills.

Time management is a concept that is not difficult to comprehend, but is surprisingly hard to put into practice. It requires the investment of a little time upfront to prioritise and organise yourself. But once that is done, you will find that with minor tweaks, your day, and indeed your week and month, fall into place in an orderly fashion, with time for everything you need to do.


  • Manage time at work and at home
  • Eliminate wasteful behavior
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Removing stress to be more effective
  • Using tools and technology to be efficient and effective


  • How are you doing in time management?
  • What are wastages?
  • Are you realizing your goals?
  • How can you prioritise at work?
  • How to reduce “fire-fighting” at work?
  • How can you make effective decision?
  • What are the tools that can help you?
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