Leadership Development for Enhancing Performance

Competent Leadership in A Fast Changing World

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  • Duration 2 day
  • Assessments Self

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Effective leadership is essential for ensuring both individual and organisational success. Given the fast pace of change, the role of leaders continue to evolve. Leaders must keep abreast with latest leadership principles and practices. Only then can they motivate their people, and themselves. This 2-Day “Leadership Development for Enhancing Performance” workshop will enable participants to competently apply leadership principles for executing their roles in a pragmatic manner.


  • State the need for Leadership Development, in the context of the  Organisation’s Mission, Vision and Values
  • Explain the conceptual difference between Leadership and Management
  • Develop an overview of personal strengths and development needs
  • Harness individual strengths to enhance leadership performance in the context of specific roles and responsibilities
  • Identify the Traits of Competent Leaders
  • Explain the value of transactional and transformational leadership
  • Describe the core Leadership Skills for connecting with different stakeholders
  • Describe how to motivate people to achieve SMART goals
  • Provide solutions to workplace problems and improving performance
  • Formulate personal action plan for applying Leadership for Enhancing Performance


Part I: Strategic Thrust of Competent Leadership

  • The need for Leadership Development
  • Personal stake in Organisation
  • Difference between Leadership and Management

Part II: Reflective Leadership Development

  • Redefining Leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Validating individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Reviewing personal strengths and developments needs in the context of specific leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Harnessing individual strengths to enhance leadership performance

Part III: Traits of Competent Leaders

  • Personal experience with “role-model” leaders
  • Leadership traits of competent managers
  • Different leadership perspectives
  • Value of Transactional and Transformational Leadership

Part IV: Core Leadership Skills

  • The twin-pillar of effective communication
  • Becoming  aware of leadership bias
  • Body Language – The ‘Silent’ Communicator
  • Empathetic Listening – The 3A Technique
  • The 3-Pronged Framework for Feedback

Part V: Leadership for Enhancing Performance

  • Achieving Result – Power of Motivation
  • Identifying gaps in specific workplace performance
  • Setting SMART goals to address workplace challenges
  • Drawing out collaborative strengths of different team members
  • Giving solutions to enhance workplace performance

Part VI: Personal Action Plan

  • Formulating a Personal Action Plan for Leadership Development
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