Negotiation for Success

Creating Win-win Outcomes for Higher Productivity

Course Features

  • Duration 2 day
  • Assessments Self

Negotiation Course Singapore – Negotiation Skills Programme


Everyone negotiates! One key factor that contributes towards an organisation’s success is its people’s ability to negotiate effectively – with internal customers, external customers, suppliers and stakeholders. The Negotiation Skills Programme is designed to equip participants with competencies that will enable them to work cohesively towards achieving higher productivity and, personal and organisational goals.


  • Understand the concept and basic principles of negotiation
  • Learn the impact of individual personality on negotiation styles
  • Understand the negotiation process
  • Learn & apply tools and techniques for effective negotiation
  • Apply interpersonal skills to influence a ‘win-win’ outcome
  • Know when to apply ‘lose-win’ strategy to achieve negotiation success
  • Confidently handle difficult people, difficult situation and negotiation breakdowns


Part I: Applying the Basic Principles in Negotiation

  • Understanding the ultimate goal of negotiation
  • Types of negotiation – internal and external
  • Focusing on need, not position

Part II: Understand Characteristics of Negotiation

  • Inherent feature of conflict
  • Influencing assumptions and expectations
  • Negotiation styles and roles
  • Balance of power

Part III: Using Key Interpersonal Skills

  • Listening skills & reading body language
  • The power of questions
  • Handling breakdowns, difficult people & situations

Part IV: Setting The Goal of Negotiation

  • Openness and trust
  • Influencing a ‘win-win’ outcome
  • Applying ‘lose-win’ strategy for overall success

Part V: Managing the Negotiation Process

  • Preparing to negotiate
  • Making proposal
  • Debating & Bargaining
  • Closing
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