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Trillion Training website.

Feel free to surf around for training programmes and learning resources that will help you and your organisation bounce to greater success !

For customised training programmes, please refer to our list of “Customised Training Programmes” under Programmes & Services. We will alter and deliver these programmes specifically for your organisation. 

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Everyone bouncing to greater success in their work and life!


To encourage everyone and every organisation to bounce to greater success through learning and sharing.
  • We listen to & respect others. We care & show concern for everyone.
  • We value-add. We build long-term partnership.
  • We protect nature. We support volunteerism & sharing. We learn and enjoy together !

Over The years

Our Milestones

Established with passion in training and sharing. Offered a wide range of computer training and services to schools and corporations.

Offered enrichment programmes to students and leaders in primary and secondary schools.

Worked with SPRING Singapore to offer national CREST programmes for many corporations.

Obtained EPPU S4. Tendered and completed many government tenders and projects with excellent feedback.

Worked with WDA to develop and deliver WSQ ES programmes for MNCs and SMEs.


Introduced Executive Coaching for CEOs and directors to enhance their organisational development and management.

Became a National SPUR training provider.

The 18th year of our training and consultancy experience.
Obtained and sustained track records for quality training, excellent programmes and reliable services.
Over 50,000 participants from over 250 organisations across all industries have benefitted from our programmes.
More than 1500 classes conducted with excellent feedback from participants.

Our Success Formula


Our Programmes

Our programmes are specially customised and contextualised with meaningful and interesting content, fun activities and useful applications.

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Administration Supports

Our project managers and coordinators are prompt, efficient and reliable. They go the extra-mile to ensure all the training details are well taken care of.


Organizational Culture

Caring, sharing and supporting each other in whatever we do.

Our Programmes and Services

Customised Training Programmes

We specially alter and contextualise these training programmes according to client requirement. Programmes are delivered in-house for organisations. These programmes come with good learning outcomes and team bonding for participants. Below is a list of customised programmes we offer :

1. Change Management
2. Oral & Written Communication
3. Negotiation
4. Performance Coaching & Appraisals
5. Office Management
6. Conflict Management
7. Supervisory & Management
8. Creativity & Innovation
9. Customer Service
10. Presentation Skills

Other than the above mentioned, we have many other programmes such as Grooming & Professional Image, Networking, Personal Effectiveness, Training & Facilitation Skills, Team Building, EQ, etc.

Public-Run Programmes

These programmes are open for participants from different organisations. Participants have lots of fun learning together with others from different backgrounds. For details, check out our public-run calendar here.

1-1 Coaching

Other than training programmes for organisations, we provide step-by-step coaching and mentoring sessions for skill mastery. A series of several hour-long sessions come with useful practicals. A list of possible session topics include Career Transition, Presentation Skills, People-Management Skills, Designing a Training Programme, etc.