Supervisory Skills Training: Supervisory Management

Being a manager in an organisation demands a set of new skills to become even more effective. Supervisors need to ensure that all tasks are done correctly. However, supervising an organisation has evolved over time. Some of the techniques you know may no longer be effective enough to manage your team now. With the help of Trillion, we will help your organisation learn to adapt to these changes.

Start building a strong management and effective supervisory skills that can surely help your business succeed through the help of Trillion. We provide effective supervisory skills training in Singapore to help companies build an effective management. The objectives of this training are to help you understand appropriate supervisory skills, to help you manage a team effectively, to help you identify strategies in dealing with problem within a department and many more.

Whether you are an experienced supervisor, assistant to the supervisor, manager or are eyeing for promotion, enrolling in our supervisory skills training would be very helpful in improving your supervisory skills. Below are the programs included in the training: