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Providing Excellent Service

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Service Excellence


The “Excellent Service Role Model” programme is an excellent training programme specially designed to equip and enhance the service skills of the customer service staff so that they become role models who not only offer excellent service but are also good examples for the rest of the service staff. In addition, the Service Role Models will also set the standards for excellent service and influence others in the workplace.


  • Understanding the importance of excellent service
  • Identifying & meeting expectation of the customers
  • Knowing the different ways to make people feel welcomed
  • Offering caring and professional services
  • Servicing  the different types of customers
  • Handling demanding & difficult situations
  • Managing customer’s complaint
  • Projecting a positive image for the organisation
  • Handling all customer’s enquires and requests professionally
  • Being a role model for offering excellent service


Introduction – Who are Service Role Model ???

Part I: The Importance of Excellent Service

  • Why give excellent service ?
  • How did they make the customers happy ?

Part II: Setting the Service Role Model Standards

  • Step 1 : Prepare & ready to serve
  • Step 2 : Greet & welcome customers with care
  • Step 3 : Listen & clarify to understand
  • Step 4 : Explain options & offering advice
  • Step 5 : Complete the transaction professionally
  • Step 6 : Ending the transaction on a good note
  • Step 7 : Efficient documentation & follow-up

Part III: Adapting to Different Types of Customers

  • By their needs
  • By their product knowledge
  • By their personalities

Part IV: Resolving Difficult Situations & Complaints

  • Handling crowded situations and peak periods
  • Handling angry customers & complaints
  • Saying “no” professionally
  • What caused these customers to be unhappy ?

Conclusion – be an excellent service role model !

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