Mastering Management and Leadership

From Ordinary to Extraordinary Leader

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  • Duration 2 day
  • Assessments Self

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Building effective management skills can help your managers and your organisation succeed even in challenging economic times. Managers can make or break an organisation. Their unique role in the organisation’s success cannot be overlooked. Managers have a large influence on employees’ behaviour, efforts and performance through the use of effective management skills. Without skilled managers, teams cannot function efficiently, employee morale suffers and productivity sinks. Yet many people often find themselves thrust into managerial positions before having the chance to develop the skills and knowledge to perform well in the role. This workshop is specially designed to close the skill gap so that the managers can perform at their highest level to bring the best results for the organisation.


  • Have good clarity on the role and responsibilities as a manager and a leader
  • Explain what is required to be effective in the role
  • Manage themselves as a leader well
  • Manage tasks well
  • Manage people well
  • Manage performance well


Part I: Hierarchy of Management

Part II: Difference between Management and Leadership

Part III: The Management Skills Pyramid

  • Level 1:  Basic Management Skills
  • Level 2:  Team Development Skills
  • Level 3:  Personal Development Skills
  • Level 4:  Leadership

Part IV: The 5 Levels of Leadership

Part V: Performance Management

Part VI: Winning Edge Principle

Part VII: Recent Studies on Management and Human Resource

Part VIII: Blue Ocean Strategy

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